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Hello, I am Ishita Asher, born and brought up in Mumbai, India, but currently based in Toronto, Canada! With so many blogs available in this digital space, you must be wondering this blog is one more to add to the list! However, my idea to have this blog is to share a create a common platform for all those who want to write and pen down their thoughts and ideas but find it hard to dedicate time and effort due to their busy lives! One afternoon, as usual I was a couch potato browsing some "homely" blogs (Think home decor and food) and I thought to myself why not start something which is not specific and create a space where we can write about anything we want and even let others share their experiences. Next came the question of what is that one common thing I would like to write about and I felt I should concentrate on anything that makes me good, anything that is NICE. How would i define NICE? For me, anything that brings a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes is NICE! On my blog, I will be sharing everything from cooking ideas to home decor, travel diaries and photography, fashion ideas and also share information on various things, big and small.