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About us

We are young couple (both around 30 so YES, we are young without any doubt) and we want this way realized our “media idea”.

Idea about real news from real people.

Won´t be interesting to find out how real people live in some country? How they really feel and what they really think?

And now in this times it´s getting so actual…

Where can we find this type of info?

Easy answer :-) In small personal blogs. If we collect interesting posts from all blogs, we can get view into real people thinking.

We want to give people from all over the world one news independent on regular bribed media. We want to collect all nice blogs with different kind of views on one place. We want to collect all bloggers who like this idea.

How does it started?

Well… we both love traveling (who doesn´t, lol) and whenever we go we are trying to find some interesting info about the country, traditions, culture and also some economy and politics opinions. Actually it´s very hard to find some news from “real people”. Just for curious – try to find some theme on Internet and what you will find? Yes, just huge public blogs full of bribed information.